The currency we deal in defines our identity to the world…our calling card. Money wasn’t such a new idea after all, we’ve each been paying to be a part of society in our individual currencies.

Some people use charm like a personal wand of power and boy, are they rich…stinking, filthy rich with it! I use logic sometimes but it is a difficult currency that doesn’t find exchange on several ocassions. So I fall back on my alternative – vivacity. Blessed are those of us who can deal in multiple currencies. There’s Lucky whose practical simplicity never fails. And of course, my multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-currency friend who artfully juggles creativity, intelligence, humour and irreverence with equal aplomb.

It is a little difficult to discern currencies on the blogsphere but some are really easy. Sagnik and Iyer are each a millionaire (or MillionIyer) in those delightful nuggets of laughter. Srini may be have a longtime account at the Bank of Dreams while Handa probably runs the Irreverence Mint. Reshma, Dreamcatcher and I all carry around some loose change of Soulful Cribbing.

I know now why I detest some people. These are people who rely on the goodness of your heart instead of paying with any currency. We all know them. The “love me or I’ll kill myself!”, “feel sorry for me, please”. Their calling cards probably say BEGGAR.

Hi, I’m IdeaSmith





What does your calling card say?

18 thoughts on “Currency”
  1. (i hope this is solid research)

    yay i am a millioniyer and my currency is Diyerham(UAE)… and i wish to be a Billioniyer like your all-in-one-multi-everything friend πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL….you funny men! Can’t you ever hold a serious thought? Not that I’m complaining….your cards could probably say “Iyer – Mimicry Artist” and “Apoo – Master of the OOC (Out of Context)”

  3. Heretic: Seems like everyone who thinks has a degree in BS.

    Anonymity: Mysteryman?

    Infinity: Undisguised ego. I like it.

    Ganty: The matter has been laid to rest I hope..and perhaps you’d care to mail me instead of posting these comments.

    Manuscrypts: That’s an interesting direction now…

    Arunima: *SPLASHHHHH of cold water*

    sensorcaine: Not until you start dedicating songs to me on radio and TV. *You and I….in this beautiful world…*

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