Okay, okay so I’m too hot-headed in my opinions. Hear it from someone who says it with far more panache! But S, do men EVER learn???

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  1. Ideasmith,
    I think everyone learns when they see logic/sense in it. Probably men see no logic in what women see order, grace and ‘should be’ and hence dont care to practise.
    For them, women probably never learn…

    Like my fifty-fivers, you have been the inspiration behind my ‘Adam Times’, your linking on it is the best kind of acceptance and appreciation I can ever have πŸ™‚ Thank you girl!

  2. Something was forgotten.

    The end product of the course
    “Sonali Kulkarni’s boyfriend (before Saif) in Dil Chatha Hai.”

    A quote from the successful candidate
    “Bhul gayi na, aaj pehli baar tumne mujhe apni iss gaadi mein ghumaane le gayi thi, teen mahine pehle, sham ke paanch bhajkar terha minute ko. Tum laal color ki salwar pehni huyi thi, aur mein, sharmaake peeche beeta tha. teen laal gulab diya tha uss din.”

  3. Alazyguy,

    Am not lazy to retype given the mouse and keyboard functions are really so easy
    The end result will also be the energy to reply full scape πŸ™‚
    and women rejected the poor guy you quoted so I don’t think they will spread the word around for something that will create such sissies!

  4. Alazyguy,

    The very fact that so many men and women expended energy and time on the catalogue alone, it is a complete success, let alone my content delivery skills which is one of the things I get paid for.
    I will send across the testimonials of the sponsors of the attendees in a while!

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