Countless infinity

If last week was all about time (dates and days, dumb dithering dodos!), this week seems to be exclusively numbers. 30% of this work week gone. However I just might work the weekend so counting for a 6-day week makes it just 24.75% gone. And then again, if I can reschedule a couple of appointments to early evening, I’ll just go straight home and enjoy a half-day…..did I say enjoy….*sputter sputter* that just about completely screws up my calculations.

Why this preoccupation with details though? Countdowns, calendars, planners, diaries, calculators…..who in the world said time flies? I am suspended in a throbbing mass of soulless energy that only oscillates but never moves. Week to weekend, Friday to Monday…..all seems like one endless back-and-forth.

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