I am very annoyed to find that my posts are being copied and passed off as original. I know this happens to some extent but I’m appalled to find how unabashedly this person is filching my posts.

Here are two of my posts I found:
which I wrote way back here.

He has also copied No Promises here. At least this one has a link back to myย post but I’m irritated nevertheless. Mr.Direass, do you have anything to say for yourself? Or am I giving you too much credit by imagining you can actually say something original?

17 thoughts on “Copycat!

  1. Don’t you think that is just a great compliment? Somebody is just trying to be you. Maybe you should just tutor him.

    You can anyday burst the bubble by just stating in that blog – “Originally thought and interpreted to words at…”.

    I think you should just be enjoying all the attention you are getting.

  2. When one marks favorite passages from a book, does one ask the author if it is okay to do so?
    I do not think there is plagiarism here.
    But I do think it could be a blog romance!


  3. @ Echo: I know.

    @ Brad: Call me and I’ll tell you.

    @ Queenie: Maybe. But I’m not flattered if he’s passing off my work as his own. As for marking passages, that’s done in a book that is read by a few people. What’s more, no one reading the book is going to think that the person who made the markings, actually wrote the book. The same doesn’t hold true for the blog. This is plagiarism without doubt. As for romance with such a person, I have no respect for people who do this.

  4. Queenie: Why not remove any doubt and simply write one line giving credit where its due?

    If i like a passage from a book and wish to reproduce it on my blog, i’d simply write the name of the author or book. There must exist no doubt as to whose work it is.

  5. Well, you know what they say. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course, if you disagree, I would also “say:”

    It isnโ€™t always a difference of opinion. Sometimes itโ€™s a difference of being.
    And that canโ€™t be ever be bridged.

    Itโ€™s exciting to try however. Like standing at the edge of a precipice and trying to touch the other side. Until one falls into the crevasse.

    Then it isnโ€™t exciting. But the thrill never fades.


  6. imitation is the best form of flattery.. well very irritating nevertheless if it is so shameless that someone starts imitating thoughts, imagination and life! i know this was a long back.. hope it was pulled off..

    anus last blog post..Woh bhooli daastaan..!

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