Anyone who thinks that being predictable is the same as being reliable is either an ass or a man.

6 thoughts on “Consistent behaviour”
  1. Please do us guys a favour, and tell us what you ‘Venusians’ mean by reliable…

  2. You could rely on Einstein to solve physics problems even though you could not predict at all how he would go about solving them.

    You cannot rely on George Bush to solve the world’s problems even though you can perfectly predict how he would go about solving them.

    But the pedant asks: doesn’t Bush’s predictability mean that he’s actually quite reliable—all you have to know is when to rely on him (in this case when you want to screw up the world)?

    [Apologies to any pro-Bush people who may be around.]

  3. @ Differently Challenged: Reliable = Consistent dependability of judgment, character, performance. Predictable = Capable of being foretold. In a nutshell, the first is a prized virtue, the second is simply a boring behavioural trait.

    @ Pedant: These men, I tell you!

    @ Ashish: Touche! πŸ™‚

  4. That predictable is not always a trait of men… i have everyone around me telling me am not reliable bcoz am not predictable… And every time i do the mistake of trying to be predictable…. i get depressed and disappointed by their unpredictability… and this applies even to women……or i can actually even say women seem to look upto predictable men more.. even though they like the excitement of the unpredictablity..
    .-= anand jeyahar´s last blog ..My first bike trip to mysore =-.

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