There was a plan. Several, in fact. Shopping, movie, drinks, dinner, long late night conversations, early morning walk on the beach, breakfast.

The plans fell through. And though those could have been done with someone else or even alone, there wasn’t any desire to.

So this is what it is to miss someone.

It’s got nothing to do with loneliness.

Let’s call it finicky taste. A connoisseur of company. Not just anybody will do. Especially once one has had the best.

13 thoughts on “Conoisseur

  1. @ Rambler: See Sense’s comment below…she hasn’t gotten a detailed report either. Methinx giving any more info would ruin the mood set by the post. So mum we will stay. πŸ˜€

    @ Australopithecus: LOL…that’s the best advice I’ve had in days!

    @ Ginger Girl: And you do the same, girl. In a good way, always in a good way. How’ve you been?

    @ Sense: Try making sense of it!

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