This moment is beautiful. This moment is precious. This moment is perfect.

I can’t hold onto it or make it last longer. At best I can describe it and retain a fond memory of it, the way people keep photographs. And even those don’t carry the same relevance anymore with the onset of digicams.

Actually I’m ruining it by thinking. I’ll just stop and fall back into the moment.

Here’s an idea in honour of the festival of colours:

If everything was painted in your favorite colour, it wouldn’t be your favorite colour any more.

Thank you for the blanks, the white spaces, the darkness and the tints. And thank you for colours and the gift of sight.

HAPPY HOLI, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Colourful

  1. Today morning I had seen a blind man cross the road and also some kids playing holi and this was exactly what came to mind.

    Happy Holi to you too and Thank God for sight!!

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