College Festival meets Bloggerati!: Announcing Mood Indigo – BlogCamp Mumbai 2010

December opens full of the promise of parties, outings, fun and festivities! For this one month, educational institutions are about fun. Employers are about vacations and parties. And the blogosphere is buzzing as always!

How better to host the last blogging event of the year than in the most colourful festival in the most prestigious tech institute in the country? Here’s presenting a joint intiative by Mood I (IIT Bombay) and BlogCamp Mumbai!

The other popular conventions and meets in the city maybe about technology, business and money but we never forget that BlogCamp remains, first and foremost about the people. We really want to know who you are, why you love blogging (or hate that possible? Come tell us why!) and what you write about.


The unrules (yes, that is a word, we just uncoined it!) of an unconference state that anyone can speak about anything related to blogging. Yes, isn’t that wonderful?! But please, please don’t forget to read the last four words in that sentence (the underlined ones). We’re sure you have something really interesting to say and we hope you’re passionate about it. But since time is limited and so is the audience’ patience, we humbly, sincerely, sternly request that you only pick topics that are about blogging.

Note – if you’d like to speak about technology, no, that’s not really blogging. But BarCamp may be just the right forum for you. If you’re a business person and networking is your thing, sorry you’re not likely to find your ilk here but we suggest you check out Startup Saturdays. If there’s anything else that really drives you, we but is not concerned 100% with blogging, honestly, we respect that so please respect us by not intruding into this forum. We love free expression but we also respect the attention of the people who’re attending. So we reserve the right to regulate and refuse (if necessary) topics, if we find them unsuitable for the BlogCamp agenda.


That note aside (whew, that was uncomfortable!), we’d really love to discuss everyone’s experiences with blogging. Yes, didn’t we mention? You’re allowed to interrupt…no, wait, correct that, you are ENCOURAGED to interrupt. This is an ‘everybody’s unconference’ which means you can disagree with, add to or correct a speaker’s opinion. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Also, please do tweet about the event. Ask questions, raise issue, talk about what you’d like to see and share memories of earlier BlogCamps on Twitter. The hashtag to use is #blcm and that’s where you’ll find other people who you’ll catch at the event. The Mood I team is figuring out the logistics and we are trying (as yet unconfirmed) to ensure WiFi access at the venue.

Now here’s how you get to do all of it:

10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Sunday, 19th December 2010

IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai

How to get there:
By train:
Western line: Andheri east
Central line: Kanjurmarg west

By road:
Central side: Eastern Express Highway-Vikroli-Powai
Western side: Western Express Highway-Andheri Kurla Road-SakiNaka-Powai


Register at the Mood I page to participate in BlogCamp 2010. If you’d like to take a session, please add a note in the space provided.

We’ll see you at the BlogCamp!


The BlogCamp unorganizers are:

Annkur Agarwal
Moksh Juneja
Netra Parikh

Ramya Pandyan a.k.a. Ideasmith (yes, that’s me!!)

The Mood I team that makes this possible is:

Aditi Jain
Rohit Shroff


Update 1: The venue is IRCC, inside IIT Powai. Ask the watchman for directions to IRCC.

Update 2: WiFi is available. Your laptops are welcome only if you promise to tweet about the event (#blcm)…okay, I’m just kidding. 😀

19 thoughts on “College Festival meets Bloggerati!: Announcing Mood Indigo – BlogCamp Mumbai 2010

    1. @AlphaTauri: I don’t know yet. If you’d like to register an interest, do sign up at the site giving details of what you’d like to speak about. That will help us prioritize in case of multiple speakers. See you on Sunday!

  1. Hi… Would you guys be interested in travel blogs of a political nature? I’d covered the 2009 election through an independent blog while traveling across the country. It’s now out as a book. Do let me know if that sounds interesting to u…

    1. @Manoj: Hi Manoj, as long as it has to do entirely with blogging, you’re welcome to take a session. I haven’t heard anyone speak on the domain of travel blogging or political blogging so far so it ought to be interesting. Please be sure to focus on the experience of the blog itself and not on promoting the book. Sorry to be so blunt but in the past, we’ve had to ask speakers to stick to the topic on account of audience feedback on this. I look forward to seeing and hearing you at BlogCamp. Don’t forget to register at the Mood I page with a note about your topic!

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