Cleanliness is next to nothingness

I share a cubicle with two colleagues. Are all men so untidy??? Arrrggghhh…I have about three seizures a week and one major case of heartburn once a fortnight. Put it all down to the ‘lets call it creative’ habits of my cube-ies (cubbies? Sure, we do occupy a cubby-hole after all)

Yesterday’s opened biscuit packet lies abandoned on the LOC and the ants are doing a march past already. Damn the weather that makes the buggers get into a clean, sanitized environment too. There’s nothing more EEKy than seeing a tiny cockroach tip-toe across the top of your computer screen just as you’re about to switch it on for the day. But my efforts at playing ‘Its spring-cleaning day’ yield no result.

And they have the nerve to make fun of me!!! SNC calmly introduces me to his wife as, “Remember Monica from ‘Friends’? Here’s her counter-part in my office.”

This morning, I was contemplating my baby (that’s my ipod, my haven of refuge in the mind-numbing tedium!). SNC frequently borrows it to listen to exactly ONE song. That’s a mushy song that just happens to have his name in its first line. So after my daily cribs over the number of files piling up on the table, the papers over-flowing all over the place…I turned my thoughts to my ‘pod’. “I wonder why it looks so dusty”, I mused and proceeded to strip it lovingly of its protective case and investigate the sandy, dusty streaks lodged inside.

SFOS looked at me in an odd manner. SNC grinned evilly.

Me: There was a time I could see my reflection in the back of the ipod…
SFOS: You can still see it!
Me: No, that’s after I’ve polished it
SNC: Now you know what she’s good at….Apple-polishing!

Grrrrr! I wish I could drown these two jokers in a pile of their own rubbish…..

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