Manguide 6: Alcohol

Alcohol is like a man. In its many variations, delightful or otherwise, it mirrors the vagaries of my favorite vice. Here’s how. Breezer – This is the boy you grew up with, the one who sat next to you in fourth grade and helped you with your homework. You don’t really stay friends (unless you ... Read More

Manguide 4: States Of India

This might seem to overlap with this chapter but it doesn’t really. That was about the place they live in, this is the colour that runs in their blood (it’s neither red nor blue!) Gujjubhai : Now I’m going to run against the tide in this city when I rate this man top of my ... Read More


* Ring Ring * Hi! I just made a fantastic discovery! Call me Idea-Columbus! What did you do now? Remember the Bluffer’s Guide book? I just discovered that there is an entire series of them! In 2 minutes I will be the proud owner of the Bluffer’s Guide to Women, Relationships, Sex and Seduction!!!! 🙂 ... Read More

Welcome to the Metrosexual era

So we are a city of metrosexual men? Hmm. I guess I should revise my preferences. Let it never be said that I’m not fair. So welcome, men, to the joys of beautification! That said, let me extend the olive branch to my insofar suffering male counterparts and attempt to smoothen the process for you. ... Read More

The laws of men in relationships*

* With due apologies to Newton Sirjee who we all agree, was a very smart man, indeed. First Law: Every man continues in his current non-single relationship state (dating, just good friends, chasing, no-strings-attached, in love, married) unless acted upon by a force internal (dramatic negative behaviour by woman like nagging, extreme indifference etc) or ... Read More

Feminine Logic

In some roundabout way, we manage to make sense. Umm well, we just like to gather in the facts first. Uh huh. (Click to see full comic on a new page)

Call the bluff on GIZMOS

The Guide: Men are touchy about glib references to phallic symbols (even if the car is bright red and called a Probe). They do not see cars as ‘penis substitutes’ for two reasons: Few men can afford a Lexus or a Ferrari. There is no substitute for a penis. IdeaSmith: Size is of definite consequence ... Read More

Blue and Not Sweet

Meeing man who has been sternly warned not to exhibit any of the annoying behaviour that have so long been his joy and pride. We won’t go into the details of what entails ‘annoying’ here, it’s fairly wearing out. But said man has sheer genius talent in this and brings forth new annoying habits. Blue ... Read More

Rude and Red

Yesterday I was called rude. And all I was doing was describing a revolutionary new idea I had. Hmph, no one ever accepts brilliant new ideas when they are first born. But whatever am I IdeaSmith for, if not to express new ideas, despite all opposition? Transcripts from the conversation that resulted in my new ... Read More

Call the bluff on HOUSEWORK

The Guide: Men approach the state of the house rather like the Three Wise Monkeys: See no evil, Feel no evil, Smell no evil. IdeaSmith: But you will notice, there’s no “Touch no evil“. Of course not, considering there’s a blanket assumption on all women being evil….and guess who is doing all the housework?

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