Bon Feminist!

Are sealions good to eat? How about sadboi trolls? Incel brodudes? Interrupting shitposters?I thought about my claim that my feminism eats these guys on toast then realised it was time to diversify my feminist palate. Poached MRAs Let’s start with breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. Thanks to my nighttime go-to-hell-attitude, I’ve said something ... Read More

SEXONOMICS: Making Feminism Fun

I haven’t written about SEXONOMICS all these months, have I? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Youtube, you may have spotted a mention or two. Back in the month of love and Valentines, I got attacked at my favorite performance venue. That incident triggered off a polarising among my community with a ... Read More

Welcome To The Friendzone

Here’s something that came to me in the middle of a shower, turning up almost fully formed and demanding to be set free from my brain. I spilt the words onto my computer, edited it on the run and read it right off my screen on stage. The last time this happened, it turned into ... Read More

The Zodiac Signs As Feminist Women

Aries: MARD TEREKO DIKHATI HOON DARD KUTTE KAMINE Taurus: No, that’s not nice of you. Behave now. Let’s eat, smile and sleep. Discrimination? KILL! zzzzzz Gemini: Internalised misogyny is problematic but there’s something to the Prince Charming fantasy as long as I can be prince but rescue me.. Cancer: I don’t know, it’s raining and I’m ... Read More

The Trials Of The Girl Who Reads

The Crush has given me a book. The question is to read or not to read? What if it turns out to be like ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’? What if it’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hain? I crushed but I still found it problematic even back in the 90s. Oh, what a grave falling there will be! ... Read More

Men’s Messages On A Dating Site And What They Actually Mean

1.I don’t know how to say cheesy lines so I’ll just say hello. Means: I’m lazy AF and I think I’m so awesome that even my saying the world’s most common word since the invention of telephones makes you fall in love with me. 2. Whassup Means: I’m actually 12 and I think dating equals ... Read More

Night Out

Man getting ready for night out: Run across shower. Spray deodorant. Howl at underarm chill. Repeat on other side. Howl again. Yell “Aren’t you ready yet??”

20 Steps: A Digital Love Story

1. He sends her a carefully worded to sound casual-but-smart message. 2. She replies with the digital equivalent of a laugh. 3. Encouraged, he does some more of that. 4. She chuckles (digitally, of course). He notices that her smile is crooked and that her teeth don’t quite line up. He wonders whether to judge her for not using ... Read More

I Want To Be A Modern, Female Superman…

…only in that I have a smartphone app called ‘PhoneBooth’ that lets me change clothes at lightning speed. *Images without text courtesy Gualberto107 (Phonebooth) and photostock (Clothes rack) on No, this is serious. I am friend, businesswoman, creative thinker, socially aware voice, family woman, hot single girl, gal pal and a host of other things. Each of ... Read More