The Cadbury’s Bournville #DarkDuet Party Fiasco

Two weeks ago, @Haveyouearnedit tweeted me asking if I’d organize a Dark Duet Party. Shortly after, I received the following email: Hello, Hope you are doing well. I just sent a tweet to you from the Cadbury Bournville Twitter ID about the Dark Chocolate Parties. Would love for you to host a Dark Chocolate Party. ... Read More

Google Plus, Facebook – The Race Is On!

I jumped onto the Google Plus bandwagon the day it was launched. For the following fortnight, my mailbox was innundated with notifications of people adding me to their circles. I’m still receiving requests to send invitations. Suffice to say Google’s ‘let’s make this an exclusive club’ policy continues to work wonders. I’m still not terribly ... Read More

Marvin’s World: Tapestry

This is a rather belated announcement but perhaps not so much considering my case. I have a new phone. Yes, I have finally joined the ranks of smartphone owners. Bypassing the Apple fad (yes, yes, I know their products are superior, I just don’t have the moolah, okay?), I’ve gone the Google route. The new ... Read More

I Wear: Lavasa Lady

Travelling was much easier when I was a teenager, primarily because I was a tomboy and could safely be excused from any manner of grooming, styling or posh-ladyism. Now that I’ve acquired the trappings of my sex, it’s getting harder and harder to stay innovative, stylish, well-turned out and also conveniently mobile. Take this weekend, ... Read More