The Instagram Story

The social media was all abuzz last month with Facebook taking over Instagram. I took a hard look at this uber-popular image sharing app. I’m still wondering why it got so popular. Here’s my Instagram story on Social Samosa. “The word on the street associates Facebook’s interest in Instagram with wanting to acquire a competitor. ... Read More

Shit brands say about Social Media

If you don’t recognize the reference to the ‘Shit XYZ say about ABC’, you’ve probably not been online this year. I loved the concept of this viral because it picked out those silly things that people say & think but don’t actually realize that they believe. I’m using that reference to bring out some of ... Read More

Blue Frog: Condescending Attitude, Offensive ‘Customer Care’

I haven’t had a reason to write a ‘What Not To Do‘ post in awhile and I wasn’t complaining. But you can always rely on one of the uber-cool, high-priced services to let you down, I suppose. What Not To Do: Expect Blue Frog‘s security personnel and customer care to respect its customers. Blue Frog ... Read More

Vodafone’s Customer Care On Twitter

A funny thing happened to me after I got back from my Goa trip last week. Vodafone attempted to resolve a complaint that I had tweeted about while there, about poor data services. It was an interesting thing for a service provider to try but their actual delivery fell rather short of expectations, causing an ... Read More

How Social Media Helped ‘The Reluctant Detective’

There’s plenty of talk about marketing various products and services through social media. I thought Kiran Manral did something interesting, generating interest for her debut novel, ‘The Reluctant Detective’. Besides the obvious tweeting about it, she also engaged with readers, other writers and organized a number of different events that a social media professional would ... Read More

Is Pinterest Pricking The Copyright Balloon?

I’ve been spending nearly an hour of my online time every day on Pinterest. In addition to Pinterest’s own features, this exercise of joining and building a usage profile on a new social network/service is interesting too. For the unpinned, Pinterest is an image curation service. And unlike older image services like Flickr & Photobucket, ... Read More

Workshop On ‘Social Content For Branding’ For Avignyata Inc.

Last week, Payal & I concluded a two-day workshop for Avignyata Inc., a social media agency. The Avignyata team included client servicing executives, designers and content creators for different social channels. The objective of our workshop was to understand the anatomy of a brand, give it a distinct voice, devise a content strategy and create ... Read More

Enrich Matunga: Bad Haircuts & Poor Service For High Prices

So here’s my first What Not To Do post: What NOT to do: Get a haircut at Enrich, Matunga, Mumbai Enrich is a chain of premium hair-styling & beauty services salons across Mumbai.They collaborate with brands like L’Oreal & Remy Laurie. I’ve been an Enrich member for over 8 years. I began visiting Enrich at ... Read More

What Not To Do

I’m starting a new section on The Idea-smithy titled ‘What Not To Do‘. As the title suggests, it will relate to things, people and experiences that you’re advised to steer clear of. WNTD will not be a rantfest. It will, however, draw from my own experiences with brands, service providers and other such commercial entities. ... Read More

Does Tanishq GlamGold’s Advertising Understand Women?

Tanishq has a new campaign on air and I don’t think it works. It’s not that I don’t like their designs. Indeed, they were probably one of the first brands that brought contemporary designs to gold jewellery in India. But their recent advertisements leave me cringing. Here’s one of them: The storyline goes as follows: ... Read More