What Do We Owe Each Other In Shifting Normals?

After I wrote yesterday’s fan post about And Just Like That, I stayed up late reading reviews & the subreddit of the show. Well. There is so much vitriol. I believe most of it is the punishment our overly capitalist world is wrecking on anyone who hasn’t paid the requisite influencers. Add to that good ... Read More

Punks & Cheese

You are made for instant love stories,for picture-perfect odes,for sweet-scented songs,for candy smiles& dimple kisses I carry a pen dipped in bloodA shiv serves a chalkas I punk upa symmetric story& make it minewith a sweaty handprint Which is why I say nomore often than hell yes!(the only yes I say)One of those No’s was ... Read More

π—ͺ𝗛𝗬 𝗬𝗒𝗨 π——π—œπ——π—‘’𝗧 π—–π—”π—Ÿπ—Ÿ π—§π—›π—˜ π—‘π—˜π—«π—§ 𝗗𝗔𝗬

When you kiss a friend,they leak out of the chais, cappuccinos, white wines & long island iced teas & camaraderiepast the milestones of recognitionwhere the light switch flicks on in your mind& your friendship mode self turns onand that feels like it would look uncomfortableBut it’s notand you, overarticulate you, suddenly don’t have the words ...

A Peach For Breakfast

My Clubhouse room prompt for this week via fellow host Tareque Laskar was SPELLBOUND. For this I cheated (slightly) and blended two of my old posts together. It was an interesting exercise, personally than for my writing since one of the posts was written 15 years ago. I remember feeling that much, that purity of ... Read More

Love Gardener

We have to separate the feeling from the person who inspires them. We are so literal, we use the words “my love” to describe a sentiment as well as a person. But our feelings are entirely our own, to process, to draw from for poetry, to express in our ways, to take responsibility for & ... Read More

Love Language

LOVE LANGUAGE - my journey deciphering my experiences through the words of love songs in different languages

Where’s The Flirty Party?

Flirting feels like a massive party I haven’t been invited to. A concert that’s playing all around me & everyone’s vibing to it, except me. I can’t hear it, I can’t see it. I can pick up when people are attracted to me but that’s from years of being the target of predatory attentions. It’s ... Read More

~ ໓ē’໐໓iΰΊ–ΰΊ‡ 🌹 ΰ»“Δ“ΕžirΔ“ ~

Desire puts us in the space of seeing what we need, what we yearn for. And this, right now after a long period of starvation & loneliness & desolation is shadowy. The needs are real but are they deep or transient? Will they vanish like FOMO the minute they are satiated, leaving behind slight disgust ...

Crossed Connections

I met Scorpio in a chatroom. Reeling from heartbreak, I blundered into a new internet in 2000. We traded barbs, volleyed rock lyrics. When I was all cried out, I wandered back. This time we chatted. Then emailed, a song lyric here, an essay there, a letter then a poem. In a new millennium, time ... Read More