Out Of The Closet

We are getting some long overdue renovations done on our home. So we’ve moved out temporarily. The last time I shifted homes, I was coming back, abruptly. I’d moved out to start a new life. It wasn’t easy and involved having to break bonds to create boundaries. Then I fell into a bad relationship and ... Read More

Surviving the Seventeenth

Ten minutes ago I looked up from the Netflix show I was watching and the calendar screamed a date at me. In a few hours, it will be 9 years since I made one of the few impulsive decisions of my life. It is a decision I’ve been punished for over and over again. It ... Read More

Don’t Call Me TamBram

I am not a Tamilian. I’ve lived in Mumbai my whole life and am the third generation to live outside South India. Tamil is my 5th language, after English, Marathi, Hindi and French. I also understand some Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali, languages of states I’ve never lived in, so linguistic identity is not a good ... Read More


I’m reclaiming the ability to ask for help. We have a warped notion of what it means to be strong or independent. To be strong is not to be unbreakable. To be independent is not to be devoid of need. To be a whole person is not to be cut off from all other people. ... Read More

HOME – An International Poetry Day Performance

I’ve written reams and reams about home – going away from it, running in search of it, how it defines me, how I define it. I am a Cancerian, after all. We make this world feel like home. Maybe not entirely coincidentally, my contribution to International Poetry Day 2019 was also titled HOME. This video ... Read More

Not Your Usual Homebody

I don’t like being in other people’s homes. I discovered this, by chance only recently. I have a whole litany of excuses like ‘I spend most of my day cooped up indoors, let’s go out’. Actually that’s not an excuse, that is the truth. I feel hemmed in, suffocated even in other people’s spaces. I ... Read More

A special place in your mind 

A special place in your mind Home isn’t just a where It’s a why, a how, a who Also a with whom. Home is where the heart longs to beat. If you liked this, please follow my microfiction/micropoetry at https://www.yourquote.in/ideasmithy


The gates to my world are wide open With a plush red carpet running through Come in, come in, take in the sights Come, friend, family, stranger, Everyone is welcome in here. As long as you remember, the road out of my life, is one-way.

Welcome Mat 

Welcome Mat I’m standing by with warm comfort and chilled ideas on the rocks for you to partake of. You won’t be able to tell till it’s too late, if I’m host or jailer. But maybe it won’t matter.  Follow my writings on https://www.yourquote.in/ideasmithy

A Stranger’s Houseparty

I haven’t written anything new through October. It wasn’t a bad month though. Far from it. The rains petered out and I think I dealt with my least favorite season a lot more gracefully than I usually do. I know it often seems like I’m endlessly complaining. But only I know, within me, there is ... Read More

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