Cat and kitten

A whole year-and-half after this, I present the second edition of Mum’s cooking…errm…laughter. Those of you who have met my parents have mentioned what nice ‘normal’ people they are. Well, don’t go jumping to conclusions…most people don’t know that I howl at the moon every fortnight (and keep that to yourself or I’ll come visiting for an extra pint of the red….muhahaha). I have to get the genes somewhere. Here’s what mum had to say this week about….

BMC: The disaster management cell has asked people to stay home all weekend because they know that their management is a disaster!

Tushar Kapoor: The best thing about Gayab is that he was gayab all through the movie!

Queen Elizabeth: (in response to my quoting something I saw on TV “Even the queen’s husband is not permitted to touch her in public”): I don’t suppose he touches her in private either.

And that led to a catty conversation about the royal family with our usual debate of “What did Charles ever see in Camilla when he had Diana?” and the absolute kicker “Is he ever going to get to be king?”

Mum: I wonder why she doesn’t abdicate for him.

Me: A la “I abdicate the throne of England for the man I love”?

Mum: Apparantly even she doesn’t love him. Tsk tsk.


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  1. This is awesome πŸ™‚
    By the way, I am now educated on thirty item Tamil wedding spread and we (some more I know and I) howl at the moon too…

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