I was surfing the idiot box today and chanced upon the remix version of ‘Pardesiya’…yeah, the same one with a skimpily clad secretary and her boss.

Some of the thoughts that ran through my head…
1. Who dresses like this to work?
2. Do all the staff in the office have nothing better to do than follow romances?
3. Are colleagues really soooo helpful especially in matters of the heart?
4. Where do you find secretaries in today’s world who make coffee for their boss?
5. What man (realistically speaking) is going to resist those advances?
6. What sort of meeting takes place in a board room with the big boss, secretaries, peon and various sundry painted and polished manequinns wearing supposedly formal wear?
7. Both of them were so intent on the camera capturing them as seductive, sexy, vulnerable etc etc etc that neither of them were actually looking at each other…end result zero chemistry. Whatever happened to on-screen sizzling duos?

Having said all that, I confess I sat through the entire freak show since the guy was so droolsomely cute and the beat was just in my blood. Here’s to hypocrisy and being human!

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