men2.jpgJust finished reading a hilarious book. It’s called The bluffer’s guide to men. It isn’t so much what the book says as how it says it. Everyday, feminist/male-bashing XX Factor-type of commonsense is put into really funny revelations. I quote…oh but wait. I started to pick out my favorite lines and then realised I’d end up re-writing the entire book…and get sued for piracy or something like that I’m sure (though you can view a few choice exerpts here) So instead, my dear readers, you will be treated to liberal doses of references to this book in future posts and some of my own (nasty) thoughts on the same. Not that I bluff. Certainly not about men, anyway. πŸ™‚

Mr. Antony Mason, I doff my hat to you for being a genetic oddity – a man with the ability to laugh at himself and his kind.

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