Buffet to basics

Ta da! The welcome continues…A web conference in the morning about a new employee program, an all-round introduction to the department and then lunch out with everyone at a swank restaurant. If this is the honeymoon stage, boy am I loving it!

After lunch, drifting out (or staggering out)…

Me: Oh look, at all their decor around here!
She: Yeah, all grains and spices glassed up.
Me: Hmm…I was about to say ‘Very European’ but I suddenly thought of Shiv Sagar.
She: Shiv Sagar????
Me: Yup, you know…food as decorations. Pineapples in rows, garlands of mosambis…
She: *chuckle* I don’t think they’re going to like being compared to Shiv Sagar much.
Me: Yeah well, they probably had this really expensive interiors guy do up their place.
She: Yes, probably and Shiv Sagar totally destroys that image!
Me: Well, maybe that interiors wizard worked on Shiv Sagar when he was a poor, struggling artist and when he rose he was employed here!
She: Apparantly he polished his skills up along the way!
Me: Or went back to basics perhaps….food to grains!
She: You have some imagination!
Me:Yeah, well you know what they say….a good joke is the best digestive you can take.
She: They say that?
Me: Yeah, They the IdeaSmith say that!

2 thoughts on “Buffet to basics

  1. I can bet the food at Shiv Sagar was tastier at half the cost of the ‘very European swank restaurant’.:)

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