Brilliante Weblog: They Said, I Said

I had a bad day and then a good one. People have been nice to me so I guess I should stop sulking and smile now.  :mrgreen: 

Two bloggers handed me the same award!


Silvara gives me the award as a lovely hi-there introductory gift describing this blog as:

“Thought provoking posts, honest and heartfelt. Someone who has been around in the blogging world for a while but is a new addition to my blogroll”

Amrutha Upendran  tells me the most wonderful thing to say to any blogger:

Everything on this blog is worth reading.”

I daresay Silvara’s description makes me feel a wee bit old. That happens a lot these days, when I’m introduced as the person to go to for answers on stuff on account of my experience and people keep shooting all these questions at me that make me wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing that they think I ought to know so much!

Ah well, on another quotable quote, hephail observes that,

Even if you found yourself in a fairytale, you’d look for a pin and then go searching for a bubble to burst!!

Well, the sulk leaves its residue and my attempt at buoying my own spirits isn’t going down as well so I’ll hasten on to matter of greater interest (!?!) and reel off my list of awardees. The brief says that The Brilliante Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in content and design.  So here goes…

Neha Vishwanathan: Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, I do have a huge girl-crush on this lady. Yeah, yeah I’ve told her as well so don’t bother playing sneaky-boo! Within and without is in my mind the perfect blog – easy to access and get around, great content, always original and refreshing and a style that is easy, conversational and clean.

Meetu: The lady that I was infamously (and quite flatteringly) confused with in the DNA article, the lady who re-defines married-and-momma blogging chic, the fast-ticking, quick-tapping personality behind Without Giving The Movie Away (WOGMA as she likes to call it) wins on design, content and original style!

Manuscrypts: How does he do it???? Bring in the wit of the Amul ad-campaign copywriters, the heart-warming words of a close friend and the keen eye of a photographer…and you have Manu. Incidently I have no idea if he has anything in common with the description but that’s how I see him in my mind, never having had the pleasure of an in-face conversation with him. Manu has recently moved to his own domain which retains the simple appeal of his earlier blog with that extra snob-appeal of his own domain. Manuscrypts is a one-stop blog for a unique perspective on world issues, everyday news or personal observations.

Chavvi: Now this lady is a new entrant to my bloggy-circle. We’ve never spoken but we know of each other. I like her photographs, her choice of subjects and the simple text she adds to each without falling to the temptation of embroidering the story too much. I imagine it would be very easy for her to go the ‘Exotic India’ route on her blog considering her desi/NRI background (which I gather from her introduction) but she manages to evade that neatly and comes up with neat, streetsmart observations on everyday life at Chavvi Noticed This!

11 thoughts on “Brilliante Weblog: They Said, I Said

  1. damn!! there goes my carefully crafted diabolical long term plan of creating snob appeal in stages without the reader realising it!! 🙄
    but seriously, very sweet of you smitheee, and it goes without saying that the feeling is mutual 🙂

    manuscryptss last blog post..Last Tweak

  2. hey…this is awesome. Keep up the good work. You get a decent channa bhature (though heavy at the Bombay Blue Shops and Kailash Parbat at Colaba. though Martins across the road is much better – they are a Goan place, wouldn’t have heard of chhola 🙂

    kalyans last blog post..Fed Up

  3. Thank you!! It just occurred to me, what if the next time the media mentions “” as authored meetu? Now, that would be awesome!!! If they have to mess it up anyway, might as well make such a lovely blunder… 😉

    meetus last blog post..Hijack – Review

  4. @ manuscrypts, neha, meetu: Hugs, guys! :mrgreen:

    @ kalyan: Thengyu! I don’t like the Bombay Blue ones too much since they seem to be just elongated puris. Will check out Martins though.

    @ SwB: Yes, me too!!!

  5. I’m so flattered that I’m uncharacteristically speechless. Thank you. I’m really, truly honored. Besides, I think it’s unfortunate that our paths haven’t crossed outside the virtual world. I think it would be super cool to actually meet you – I know I’ll like you lots from your blog, already 😉 Thanks, again!

    chhavis last blog post..cherrapunji and away!

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