Village en automne – Henri Le Sidaner Posted by Hello

I’m starting off a brand new day
Turn the clock to zero honey
You’ll never know how much I missed you.
I’m thinking in a brand new way

I’d love to believe there is still goodness left in the world
I’d love to think that the people who hurt me were weak, not bad
I’d love to love mornings as I used to and not walk into the day with dread
I’d love to enjoy nights for their peaceful calm again, and not for their anonymity
I’d love to fall in love again, and with wisdom from my past experiences and no cynicism
I’d love to stop being right and just be happy
I’d love to give up worrying and simply live into life
I’d love to say thank you to all the people who never expected it but deserved my gratitude anyway
I’d love to be as generous with my hugs and smiles as I wish other people would be
I’d love to care unreservedly, to cry unabashedly and to fly unfettered
And starting now I’m going to do everything I love

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