Boys In The Water

If you’ve been in Mumbai and not taken a ferry ride from the Gateway of India, you should…go jump into the (dirty) water!!!!! And there you might catch a glimpse of the humanness underneath the gritty mask this city wears.


I saw these boys splashing about between the ferries parked (anchored?) near the steps leading down from the Gateway to the water. All the ferrywallas yelling did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm.


Β Afloat on a makeshift raft of a discarded plastic bag stuffed with heavenaloneknows what (cork? discarded plastic refuse? thermacole?), they splashed about, three on one while the fourth lay afloat, peaceful in his solitary swim.

4 thoughts on “Boys In The Water

  1. Yeah I’ve watched them too whenever I visit there…and sometimes I just wish I could roll back to their age; and jump and sense the settling water and the unsettling stipples; and be wholesomely unmindful that I can’t swim; and see how the sun appears from within the sea; and listen to the lullabies of the ocean if I can reach it; and…

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