Oh! Men who need us, need need NEEEEED screaming need us all the f#@$ing time! From cradle to tomb it looks like all you are is one gaping mouth waiting to be filled. Time, love, attention, care, sacrifice, devotion, ego-massages, sex, admiration, validation, romance, support, encouragement…..the list just goes on and on and on and on. For gawdssakes, can’t you ever function as an independent human being?? I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said

I do not exist for your sake. I’m not here on this planet for the sole purpose of entertaining you or for the supreme honour of serving you.

Seriously, how hard is that to understand? I’m severing the bloody metaphorical umblical cord…whew, no wonder I’d rather be a genderless being than a womanly woman. If being the constant provider of all needs, small and big for a man…is the job description for a woman, I goddamn it…I want to quit!!!!

I’m mighty annoyed with half of the world’s population. Stay OUT of my space for awhile…christ, I need some room to breathe and time to think!

4 thoughts on “Bottomless pit”
  1. Even if you do have a reason that justifies your obloquy…Is the reason worth your time? Is the reason worth you?

  2. oh wow………you have put in words, what so many of us could never. As for me, am just learning to…..It is difficult,
    brave Ideasmith!

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