Blog-girl power!

The Lady has spoken and we always listen to what she tells us to do. (At last count, I’ve attended blogger meets, parties, written about them and replied to comments solely on her orders….tch tch, the things I have to do in the name of friendship!)

πŸ™‚ So the rocking Punju chick, queen of desi blogdom, Sakshi Juneja has rated yours truly as a ‘Rockin Girl Blogger’ and asks that I put up my list as well. Aye, aye, meydumm….but who’s going to save me from the consequences of baring my real, real thoughts? Here goes then….my A-list of she-bloggers…in reverse alphabetical order plizzz. Why? Just because…


Shreyasi – A new friend or the discovery of an old one? Someone once told me that you don’t make new friends, you only recognize them. So I recognized S only very recently and since then it has been a gala fest of conversations, books, clothes, ideas and laughter. We window-shop…at bookstores and in life….and we ooh and aah over the marvels we see in the window while sighing over the price tags we both know we can ill-afford. So neither of us has the answers…but sometimes we find clues in each other’s words. S for sweet tooth, S for soft smiles, S for silly jokes, S for shared ideas, S for sudden inspiration, S for sumptous lunches, S for soul conversations, S for Shreyasi Deb.


Selma Mirza – The Pinky to my Minky, as christened by the then-uncut one. Selma was my usher into the world of

Bloggers Live! when I skulked around a bloggers meet she had invited me to, in the hopes of discovering what this alien species I’d signed myself into was really like. Curiosity overcame my shyness (!) and I had to come out and introduce myself, if only to be able to ask which one of them was Selma. As it turned out, she came in much later and mid-way through the introductions, as we discovered each other, the rest of the party was temporarily forgotten, prompting the wise one to comment. We went from mutual admirers to friends that day.


Sensorcaine – My bosom buddy of over a decade. We’ve been friends long before blogging existed but discussed writing for ages. I’m terribly glad she’s finally taken to blogging and as expected she’s a barrel of laughs. I enjoy her matrimonial and motherhood adventures with Mr.Sense and Pickwick. Would you believe she’s exactly the same way in real life? Lucky me, I know her online and offline.


Sakshi Juneja – and not just because she put me on her list!!! Sakshi in real life is even more spectacular than her blog.

She’s warm, she’s witty, she’s great fun and all of that minus starry airs. Saks is the good ol’ girl chum you’ve always wanted, online and offline. Is it a wonder she’s so popular? I love her Bollywoodisms, share her unabashed fondness for Rakhi Sawant, am appalled by her taste for Salman Khan and am deeply tickled by her funny/scandalous recounts of the antics of Bollywood stars and her mysterious diets. Saxy dahhling, you’ll always be a rockstar in my eyes!


Reshma Sanyal – Yet another fellow-blogger from the times of yore. I’ve followed Reshma’s travails from Dilli to Chennai, through her trips back home to Kolkata, her rants about the men in her life, her deep poetry, her scathing criticism of things that annoy her and her sudden burst of genius words. When I hit a roadblock in writing, I’m often reminded of something I read once on her blog which was, “To get to be a good writer, you just keep writing. Write well, write badly, just keep writing and writing.” Though we haven’t said hi for a very long time, she remains firmly entrenched in my mind as a lady writer par excellence.


N – A dear, dear, dear friend whom I once tried to pass off as a non-blogger at a bloggers’ meet….failing miserably as she

charmed her way into everyone’s hearts and blogrolls. N is smart, independent and intelligent. I liked her earlier, more ‘heartfelt’ posts better and wish so much she’d write more of the same. On the other hand, there’s no turning her mind once its made up so I’ll sit back and wait for her to get back from her online ramble. While enjoying her company offline and braving martini disasters with her.


Melody – What do a princess and a gypsy have in common? Nothing at all it would seem. And yet, here she is, on my list of Rocking Girl Bloggers. I like Melody’s blog because it is well-expressed, witty, intelligent and unpredictable. Even when I don’t agree, I have great admiration for the way she thinks and puts across her points of view. And offline? Ah…once again, what do a princess and gypsy have in common? I’ll tell you what. Each of them in a star in her own world. There’s conflict, there’s creation, there’s clashes, there’s magic…and yes, one thing we’re never short of….words, lots of them! I’ve spent hours at time talking to her. What do a princess and a gypsy talk about? πŸ™‚ See that’s the other thing….if we told you, we’d have to kill you….can’t have other people stealing the kingdom’s secrets!


Dreamcatcher – My soul-kid-sister. She and I go back the longest on this list…we’ve been mutual readers since the early blogging days for both of us. Her writing touches me, moves me and most of all…reminds me of the person I used to be and hope I still have hidden away somewhere. If I could write as well as she does, at that age, I’d have considered myself a child-genius.


Chronicus Skepticus – My latest darrrling, my first online lady lurrrve…The lady spells Cool with a

‘C-H-R-O-N-I-C-U-S-S-K-E-P-T-I-C-U-S’ . How is it possible for someone so married to be so much fun? Search me, I’m still examining the fragments of my broken pre-conceptions. And trying to keep from falling over laughing at her witticisms. Here’s a thought: You don’t need to be melodramatic to be interesting, you don’t need to be smart-alecky to be witty, all you need to be is Chronicus Skepticus. And umm…no, we don’t find her skeptical at all.


AlphabetΒ – A mystery commenter turned friend. Now this is the one lady on this list who is not the same way in real life as on her blog. Online she’s soulful, poetic and romantic. Offline she’s whacky, wild and great fun. If still waters run deep, some choppy seas have no bottom at all.Β Don’t bother if you don’t get that…I think she would! πŸ˜‰


Three other people I have to mention on this list are women I’ve never actually spoken to. And then again their writing moves me profoundly….as if they’re sitting right next to me and talking to me over coffee like an old friend would. So here they are…women bloggers whose work speaks to me across distances of unfamiliarity and geographies.

Whimsical Wiseling – How, how, HOW?? How is it possible for someone to describe exactly what I’m seeing in words that I’ve never been able to conceive? Wiseling does that.

Phantasmagoria – Of whom I’ve been a long-time admirer (right from my own rediffblogging days) and about whose moniker I’ve always wondered. I know nothing of Ph except for the fact that she exists somewhere in the world, churning out brilliant words that move me for reasons I can’t quite explain.

Neha Vishwanathan – I’m awestruck by her work, her fiction makes me smile and also wonder how someone can say something so simple so brilliantly. Minus her star-blogger status, minus all comment-torrents and whizzing readership meter….Neha is on my rocking girl blogger list simply for her fantastic writing.

Errrrrm…….I realise the list was supposed to be some 4-5 and mine has touched thirteen!! Well, can I help it if there are so many amazing women writers out there???? Go, girls!

15 thoughts on “Blog-girl power!

  1. Ah, the truth of our friendship lies in the fact that I’m not really a Princess and that you’re not really a Gypsy – in fact, which of us are really what we seem at first sight?!

    Thank you for the kind words – and also congratulations on the (long, lovely) list, was fun to read. Read most everyone on the list already and agree with you – they all are indeed tres rocking πŸ™‚

    Feel all sisterly now with everyone up there …


    @ Rambler: Yes, they’re a great bunch o’ gals, aren’t they?

    @ Vi: More power to our numbers!

    @ Sakshi: Paay laago, guruji…. πŸ˜‰

    @ Chronicus Skepticus: Really? *simper simper*

    @ Neha: You are welcome… πŸ™‚

    @ Melody: Shhhhh!!! That was supposed to be one of the closely guarded secrets of the kingdom! πŸ˜‰

  3. *sob* I’d like to thank my Mother-in-law for holding the fort while I jab away at the keyboard, Mr. Sense for looking on with an indulgent smile, as one would at the antics of their favourite idiot child, Pickwick for his existence, dad for the overdramatisation gene, mom for being the perfect foil to the family of overdramatisers…damn… they’re playing music over the rest of my speech! – sorry smithy, I guess I’ll just have to thank you in person, then…

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