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Over at DesiPundit, Pat has put out a call for guest contributors. As someone who joined the team by answering their earlier call in December, let me tell you it’s great fun. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be since every blog I visited had at least 10 links of which at least 1-2 would be new to me. One led to another, links came up and I was DesiPunditting effortlessly! Let me also add that this blog has seen a fair bit of interest on account of my being a DesiPundit so let me offer this plug-post up as a return gift. To come back, if you’re checking off on all the criteria Pat has listed, don’t think any more – just write in already!

If you’re missing on any ofΒ those things, I’m sure you’ll still have a link or two to share that none of the DesiPundits know of. We’d all be much obliged if you give us a nod in that direction via a hat-tip. And finally, if you are really, really shy and don’t want to get all the way up there but are just reading this because you love me so much (!), shoot me a mail with the link. I’ll be happy to give you a mention when I link it to DesiPundit.


I just trotted over to Desicritics this morning to check for new posts. It wasn’t till my mid-morning snack break/browse that I bothered to scroll up. Heh! Featured Desicritic? First the DNA article and then this? Ooh la la…the spotlight seems to be in love with me this month.

Okay, now you can roll your eyes at my vanity.


I met her earlier in the month over a delightful date gone all wrong. Of all the very many things that she said that stay with me, this one pertaining to this blog finds mention here:

You’re writing a lot more and about bigger things now. But frankly, I preferred your old blog. It was so much more personal.

I know, love but it’s hard to stay personal when the blog is suddenly public. I don’t handle attention all that well – too much of it or too little of it. I’m suddenly writing a lot more, for several other blogs. It’s an oddly disconcerting feeling that I’m hardly ever writing for this one, only cross-posting things that have been written for other places.

Oh well, my feed-count, my twitter following and my new commenters list have all shown a spike this month. So this otherwise meaningless post is a pat on the back for my dear blog. Tomorrow…back to business!

It has been so long since I wrote a post…just because…that it feels wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Because this is a blog

  1. @ Cynic: Not as much as you’d like me to do the same in an all-company mail about you! :mrgreen:

    @ Sakshi: Thengyu, thengyu guruji!

    @ rambler: I don’t think so. Hat-tips are always welcome, even if to one’s own blog…so long as you take it in the right spirit about not always getting linked!

    @ 4wd: Gah…mailed you, check.

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