Bad karma, my eye!

Fool, fool, fool we!!!!!

Long long ago we learnt about Kalyug and how everything would be balanced in this lifetime.

When we was about 16 someone made us cry so much we sniffed and decided that we would NEVER cry again. That rule was broken several times in the interim period but still…gone were the tearful outbursts. We have cried since then but they’ve been quiet, noiseless ‘couple of tears’ shed in darkness and solitude.

Yesterday morning we awoke all mopey. We rebuffed all sweet attempts by him to cheer us up. And we was most unpleasantly surprised to find our eyes watering all day. We wondered what part of our otherwise glittering life this year was coming back to haunt us. We finally left, with our boss wondering why we had been crying all day. We was wondering too.

In an attempt to shrug off the blues, we managed to meet Sensorcaine and have a mad and wise conversation with her. Some craziness followed involving a bye-bye party for a colleague whose venue kept shifting, our cell battery died and we spent the evening admiring the traffic snarls in Mumbai.

We finally got up this morning to the diagnosis of “It’s CONJUNCTIVITIS!!!” Why oh why oh why…have we been infected by this twice this year???? And that too off-season? How very idiotic of us to imagine that we was crying the pent-up tears of a decade. Apparantly the infection addles our brains as well as irritating our eyes.

Yeaarrrrrrggggghhh…we has spent the day minus TV, minus computer, minus mobile phone, minus books. Damn…yesterday someone asked us what we wanted and we said ‘hibernation’. Oooff…be careful what you wish for, we just got our wish!!!!

At least Brad called us this morning and cheered us up (almost running over someone in the bargain, he was driving and talking to us..). Yesterday Sensorcaine stopped us from buying a beautifully gory plastic hand covered with blood and flesh dangling off the edge. We wanted it to adorn our office computer. Uncharacteristically she behaved like boring aunty and forbade us from spending good money on such stuff. Brad however soothed us over by assuring us that he had the same thing (except his is a skeleton of a hand) and that 140 bucks wasn’t too much. We will make a trip to the bazaar tomorrow to track that hand down…eyes permitting of course.

We is fed up of this by now and is rebelling by sitting down on the computer to spit out all our thoughts from morning. We just looked into the mirror at our swollen-looking eyes and we think we looks better this way. Hmm…maybe we’ll cry for an hour each morning before leaving for work. Better still…maybe a tears-club right next to that annoyingly noisy morning laughter club they have in the park facing my room…

10 thoughts on “Bad karma, my eye!

  1. @ Melody: πŸ™ We doesn’t enjoy looking like wannabe Page 3 type!

    @ N: Yuzz, yuzz, will talk this weekend.

    @ Ratz: πŸ™ Here we is dying of lack of sight and you is teasing us????

  2. Sheeks….that’s sad. Hopefully will get better soon and thanks for the SMS – now I believe God is listening. Rakhi needs your vote and blessings!! Go Rakhi!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. @ Fullmoon: Thengyu!!! Thanks to all your good wishes (and those of our friends, even if they did take the opportunity to tease us..), we is feeling much better now!

    @ Saks: Saw your post, gurl….I’m totally thrilled as well. See my post on Alternate Idea.

  4. Girl, maybe it means you’ve seen too much? :S

    Give ’em a rest (although I know *I’d* be completely devastated if I couldn’t read…as in, because of the conjunctivitis).

    There there! *pats head in sympathy*

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