Back to work

“Back to work, back to work.” I feel like the seven dwarves from Snow White marching along and singing this song….

So here I am, at the end of a fashionably bold ‘sabbatical’. Plenty of new hopes, a few old apprehensions, some wistfulness….I could be a bride with someonething old, something new, something blue…what am I forgetting? Something borrowed…oh, make that all the chances that came my way which perhaps I’ll be able to give back to the world someday.

I started this blog to remind me of the lighter side of the otherwise very loaded aspect of our lives…work. Work, work, how it determines our dreams, our fears, our value to the world, our self-image…and perhaps, our happiness too. Where I stand today, I see just how important it is to fit into this world that we create, how powerfully what we do, impacts how we are. I’m back to work and it looks promising…hopefully I’ll have a new story to tell everyday.

So here is to ‘Office Capers’, the blog that lived!

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