Back to bedlam

I took this blog off my listing for sometime. Part of the paranoia of being tracked down by my colleagues and covering up the most incriminating evidence at least. Well I am back.

Part of the reason is the only colleague was interested in my blog is quitting so he won’t be a colleague any more, right? And also…I’m tired of hiding. Ah, well…nothing much to say.

I’ve completed a year at my job and I’m alive at the end of it. It wasn’t really that bad actually. The thing is….I’ve learnt something about the job and the industry. But I really wonder how far I’ve gone in life. Seems like I didn’t at all.

One thought on “Back to bedlam

  1. Overheard:

    …was working up some steam running the ratrace till I realised that winning it would only make me..a rat.

    It sure is a ratrace out there, and winning it might make you feel like a rat, but certainly the best rat out

    A rat, nevertheless.–>

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