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  1. Blogging can be very rewarding and fun, but like you’ve illustrated here it can have it’s weird side. I used to talk about my blogging to just about anybody, but now I usually don’t bring it up unless asked. People who don’t blog just don’t understand about it. In fact some people who do blog don’t seem to understand either. Sometimes best to just blog and keep it all on line.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    A Faraway View

    1. @Arlee Bird: True that. But blogging is a conversation so it also requires frequent sharing of views to dispel those notions. Thanks for stopping by and please come again!

  2. Enjoyed reading this. Such writings/blogs must be taking a lot of your resources, but guess that’s what makes them a pleasure to read. Keep writing!

    1. @Ivan Couto: This is my passion and what I do for a living so there’s no question of how much time it takes. I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love. Thank you!

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