At the threshold

I don’t believe it.

The very same evening I brought this blog out of hiding, minutes after I wrote a post about NN, I stepped out with him to head into Friday evening. We yakked away as usual, about our weekend plans, about his resigning to go back to studies and…..about blogs. He asked me whether I might not mind his knowing my blog now, since we wouldn’t be colleagues any more. I said no.

Then he tells me that he’s been reading my blogs for over 8 months.


I’m making a brouhaha over nothing big. But well..anonymity fits like second skin to me now. And here…I see this man every day, work with him, laugh with him. He knows my real world persona in a way only colleagues who are also friends, do. And all along he’s also known my other side…the kind that writes poetry, reminisces fondly about friends to strangers (and cribs a lot! Oh, that he knows already…)

Deyaaam….I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with shadows all this while.

So here’s presenting someone with a crazy sense of humour and most of the answers…the man himself. Santa we call him and I can’t think of another name that personifies him better…(Laughing Buddha, perhaps? Nawww…in Santa’s case it would have to be Eating Buddha…muhahahahaha!). In a month’s time he’ll be off to follow his dreams (and these are BIG dreams).

I’m going to miss you, Santa. Okay, so now you know that I get real senti too….bah, who am I kidding, you’ve known that for months! Well anyway, Santa, Buddha, NN….congratulations and all the very best of luck!

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