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  1. @ Yeda: Am positive I’d want to do that. And blogging about those memories is an effective way of getting rid of them the cathartic way. And yup….will keep this blog posted on the success (or not!) of my new desicions..

    @ n: I think I have only a handful of ash left after all that burning now. 🙁

    @ ratz: Ah…the things they never taught us in school!

    @ Observer: Dunno…am just masochistic I suppose.

  2. We love, we hate, we live, we learn……..and the we WRITE about it…hahahahah!Any cash incentives from past relationships should be in the form of a Booker I tell you!

    As for being astute , dig this:

    One of my girl friends, got divorced and then at the settlement asked for her share of the jewellery, sold it for an unimaginable amount, used the money to fund a holiday to India, to show off new American boyfriend and would be husband…..all in the span of a year……

    Some women are really astute!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Oh, well, maybe I just should turn astute when it comes to lurrve.”

    but then it wouldn’t be lurrve nemore, would it? Ne way, what’s wrong with being foolish. It may cause a little heartburn, but you pick up a lot of fun along the way 🙂

  4. Your list does not sound much like caveats. It just reads like
    1 – You are normal like everyone else
    2 – Parents have instilled culture
    3 – Will have anything when hungry
    4 – Can talk…
    5 – … a lot

    As for the ‘erase memory’ part, not sure you would want to do it. Don’t think these blogs will be the same without all those memories 😉