‘Are You An Annoying Facebook Couple?’ – On Femina.In

“Are your numerous ‘open to public’ personal updates, goofy fights, uncalled for PDA and more urging the other on your friends list to mock you, ignore you and sometimes even block you? We help you figure if you are colouring the social networking canvas the wrong way and help you alter your social image.”

Yes! I’m answering all these questions in my article titled ‘Are You An Annoying Facebook Couple?‘ on Femina.in till the end of this month.

Obviously, my list is based on observations from my own Facebook account, which means that a lot of my friends are going to be frowning at me. But before any of you guys get set to block me, here’s an admission: I’m guilty of some of these things myself! It only hit me after I started seeing someone, how easy it was to slip into doing things that would annoy most other people. On that confessional/pseudo-apologetic note, I’ll direct you onto the actual article. I hope it makes you laugh! (Silence will be taken as admission that it does!)

One thought on “‘Are You An Annoying Facebook Couple?’ – On Femina.In

  1. Hahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    THAT was hilarious. It could not have been said better. Yeah been there as the audience – through EACH of those situations. I quite choke and ready to throw up when people do that.. I wonder WHY!!!

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