And thus we said…

We have been having the most amusing conversations recently.

Us: Oh yuck…how can you say that when we’re having lunch?
Him: I have refrained from saying vile things at least thrice today
Her: That sounds so sensitive…it doesn’t sound like you!
Us: That sounds gay
Him: I used to be gay
Us: What nonsense. Why didn’t you answer my ad then?
Her: You aren’t sensitive enough to be gay!
Him: Yes, that’s why I’m not gay any more.

Them: You take care then.
Us: Will do. You too.
Them: ……..
Us: There’s a period between the third word and the second.
Them: 🙂 Bye.

10 thoughts on “And thus we said…

  1. Read your “The Modern Woman” and must say that it bought a smile to my lips. Not cause it was funny (actually that too!) but because thats about all the truth we’ll get to hear from you, wont we? 🙂

  2. @ Grey Shades: LOL….who can be bored for long with conversations like these?

    And hmm….we likes to believe that we always tells the truth…uh, as we see it then, that is. We’s entitled to change our mind.

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