AND I Fell In Love With Hakoba

I was only supposed to be meeting mum for lunch. Then I wandered about in the post-lunch sleepy mood. And across the street, I spotted this sign:

Pray tell me, how could I resist? I promise, I had every intention of just window-shopping. But that was until I spotted a navy-blue cotton top hiding behind a row of citrus coloured confections (allegory! Umm, no, that’s an alliteration). Unobstrusive but elegant has always called to me. Don’t scoff, it has, how dare you red/yellow-cast me? The lure of wanting to turn stiff-and-stodgy into excitement is too much to resist, ask the boy!

And that’s how I ended up coming home with this.

Hmm…look at it. Pretty wooden buttons and delightful hakoba. Oh, I love hakoba!(And that’s how I justify dropping about a grand on a cotton top).

It’s really loose for me but feels like it was meant to be worn that way. Especially since the sleeves (flouncy, not necessarily my favorite but they work on this top) don’t bag. It also sits nicely around the bust and neckline without drooping or doing any telltale-strap business. And at the bottom, it ruches up in an elastic base, which conveniently doesn’t show when worn (I hate elastic around the waist; it makes me want to yell, “Mammy Poko Pants!”).

How perfect would it be over a white/beige pair of shorts for Sunday wear? I’ll look just like all those people who lounge about in such sleek-cut, designer clothes on a Sunday morning while the rest of us regular mortals are running around in holed tee-shirts and baggy pyjamas.

Maybe I’ll wear it tonight. Or maybe I’ll save it for the weekend. But first I think I’ll just stare at it and gloat for a little while longer. Falling in love at first sight is a rare and sublime experience.

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