An Omelette Starts My Day Sunny Side Up!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Growing up in a Tamilian household meant that this was invariably idli-dosa fare. Any South-Indian will tell you that these are fun to eat only when you don’t have to eat them everyday. On account of that unvarying diet as a child, I find my favorite way of breaking open the day is with a Continental breakfast. The home kitchen is presided over my very strictly vegetarian mother so half the ingredients aren’t even allowed to exist here. Ergo, a good breakfast is usually an important determinant of how I judge a hotel stay.

Now my ideal continental breakfast would have the following:

  1. A pot of English tea (very little milk, tea just barely there, honey in place of sugar, no masalas)
  2. Crispy, brown toast (not slightly yellow, not black but golden brown) buttered on both sides. I should have to crack or crunch it, not tear it in strips.
  3. Fresh fruit/ juice. The standard options are pineapple and watermelon and I usually opt for the latter. Most hotels also serve papaya, which I like but steer clear of since it usually gives me a stomachache and an early period (papaya adds a lot of heat to the body and accelerating the menstrual cycle is one side-effect).
  4. Fried sausages or cold salami cuts
  5. Eggs

I love eggs. These are the one semi-non-vegetarian item allowed in my house and even so, I have to make them in a separate dish which must be washed separately and stored outside the window when not in use. Eggs are beautifully diverse in the ways they can be eaten and I generally enjoy every variation from scrambled (Western gooey), burjied (desi crispy) and hardboiled. I’ve never actually had a poached egg or Eggs Benedict but I’d love to try each sometime.

And finally there’s the omelette. I know there are as many ways of making an omelette as there are cooks. I’ve had so many omelettes in my life that I think I know what I like. And then something new comes along and I add to my repertoire of ‘omelette-lovely’ flavours. Currently, my dream omelette exists only in fantasy since half the ingredients aren’t allowed at home and they’re never all available at a restaurant.

The Waterfront Shaw promenade, that hosted us on the Lavasa women’s rally weekend has a number of different eating joints. The American Diner seemed to be a good place to have breakfast and I’m really glad for our choice. In addition to all the accoutrements I mentioned in my perfect Continental breakfast, they also had an eggman (yes, he was only cooking eggs!) standing outside the restaurant who would serve up eggs as you liked them. It was lovely to be dining outdoors for one. And to have the perfect omelette made in front of you and served up….ah, bliss!

I love a garnish of fresh basil leaves, which in my home preparation, comes straight from my window garden. I usually sprinkle in rosemary, thyme and a dash of oregano. And finally, while beating the eggs, I add a teaspoon of milk to make it fluffy. But the eggman had none of these ingredients. But he still managed to rustle up an omelette that was the crowning glory of an already wonderful breakfast.

Here’s what went into my dream omelette:

  • Two eggs
  • Half a teaspoon oil
  • Half a spoonful of cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Chopped chicken sausages
  • Chopped Coriander
  • Diced onions
  • Diced tomatoes

This man is responsible for the single most satisfying, complete, out-of-world experience that I had all weekend at Lavasa!


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