An ode to Wednesdays

Wednesday….is the name that the hope angel takes in the working world.

For those zillions and god-knows-how-many-iions of identity-less beings….
for all the collective mass that aligns itself to the common thread of conforminty…..
for all those who aren’t ‘creative’ or ‘brilliant’ or ‘different’…..
for all those who march only to one drummer – the loudest.

For all of these life-forms Wednesday represents the one eyebrow perked up, half-curve smiley
The lean, lone flicker of rebellious, undefinable something deep inside
That silently cheers ‘Yippee’…

Wednesday is half-time
Time to let your breath out
Time to wipe the mandatory plastic smile of Monday
or still the twisted trudge of Tuesday
Its time to think….respite is not far away.

Of course its only half-time
And there is as yet tiresome tiring Thursday
and freaky, frantic, for-heavens-sake-where’d-the-damn-week-go Friday
There are such things as working weekends
and pressure deadlines…
and screaming bosses…
and overdue chores…

But that’s for another day….after all, its Wednesday

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