Bad telephone connections make for funny situations. Bad hearing and worse imagination leads to….umm, I’ll leave it to you to judge…with this conversation between two of my friend-bloggers.

Selma: I’ll tell you a secret about IdeaSmith
Brad: Tell!
Selma: She’s allergic to KON….
Brad: Allergic to condoms? That must be inconvenient…
Selma: No, stupid….allergic to …..ON
Brad: Porn? She doesn’t sound like a prude to me.
Selma: Knucklehead! I said she’s allergic to CORN!!!!

And seeing how I’m the butt of this joke, I shouldn’t be posting it but I desperately need to up the fun quotient of this blog….seems like I’m getting too weepy even for my own taste. My allergy isn’t all that bad after all.

17 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. Hello there, sniffed ya out yet again!
    I am back ..not with a bang though! It’s just the same ‘ol me. See ya around.

  2. Traveller: Why, though? I’m sure you can spin orginal rubbish too..:D

    Hyde: You’ll hear from me soon…*I know what you did last..*

    Sanjay: You’re telling me??!

    Brad: :p Strange are the ways of match-makers…and stranger are the couples they match up!

    Healthy Nation: True, a flexible language lends itself to plenty of humour.

    Gaurav: Been thinking of shifting for awhile and I thought wordpress looked like a good option. The post-migration thing just made it a helluva lot easier.

    Hey Midget!!!!! Great to hear from you again. Get in touch, lady…I’d love to talk to you again. My email is the same…

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