Allegations and counter-threats

This turned up in my mailbox today.

“It has been quite a while now since we saw our first cubicle all filled with employees. Please join me in congratulating IdeaSmith, NB and SNC on this accomplishment.

What say, people?”
I had a chance to read it about 1 hour after it got sent. After sifting through a flood of replies to this one, ranging from jokes about jobless people to simple “Heheheh….SNC, reply please”, I got to this one from SNC.

“Good One. Though your conjecture about the first cubicle does not hold water. To illustrate, all members of the cubicle were present on all working days
(i.e. from 13/02/2006 to 17/02/2006). May I humbly request that we do our research before we venture into such unfounded allegations against the integrity of the occupants of this cubicle, who have been occupying (without encroaching and with utmost regard to the law of the land), their seats, as if their lives depended on them (occupying their seats that is).

To my mind we have a case under IPC 308 (Culpable homicide not amounting to murder). We may be forced to press charges against you if you do not withdraw your comments, as they tantamount to character assassination (hence homicide).

Your witness please.

I remain ever so humbly,

And the last word….

“Also please note, these comments from all involved parties have been duly noted for future reference for the next time someone wants to borrow a stapler/paper punch/other stationary/restaurant menus/music CD.


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