All Things Female

  1. A thing for chocolate – hot, sizzling, dark, rich
  2. A fetish for shoes – expensive, gorgeous and uncomfortable
  3. A love of all things khatta: Neembu, Imli, Amla, Kamrak
  4. Sex and the City
  5. Long phone conversations with friendsΒ and texting only for mushy SMSes, naughty SMSes, sweet SMSes
  6. Bacardi Breezers, Vodka-with-lime, Red wine, White wine, any wine
  7. Inappropriate crushes (gardeners, colleagues, bosses) at inopportune moments (board meetings, spring-cleaning, funerals)
  8. Chick Lit
  9. Lingerie – slinky, stylish, comfortable, physics-law-defying
  10. Lipsticks with names like Cinnamon Toast, Chocolate Drizzle, Mocha Kiss, Divine Caramel, Passionate Purple, Sweet Lily, Plum Heaven, Red Siren and Lucious Cherry
  11. P(re)MS-ey mood swings, P(ost)MS-ey mood swings, ‘during’ mood swings, ‘It’s bloody well not PMS!’ mood swings
  12. Guilt trips
  13. Shoulder shrug, raised eyebrow look accompanied by “Men!! Honestly!”

16 thoughts on “All Things Female

  1. some missing ones πŸ˜‰
    14. “let’s go to the restroom”
    15. window shopping
    xx. Bags – actually this goes with no 2

  2. @ Aditya: Heh. I’ve written about ‘Communal looing’ before. And men do window-shopping too!! My dad can spend hours in a car showroom or a Bata store!

    @ Cynic: Fret over it. Call your girlfriends and ask, “Do you think he’ll notice?”. Get acne over it. Eat too much chocolate. And finally fall asleep.

  3. hehehehehe…enjoyed this post πŸ™‚

    Some more could be
    Getting emotional over subtle, can’t be pin-pointed (or understood by men) but whole BIG issues
    Giggly pujama parties with just all kinds of chocolate and cheesecake for food
    Checking out other women walking into the party/store/restaurant
    Swinging between liking and not liking the new haircut!

    Shreyasi Debs last idea: Barack-ish Branding

    1. @ideafan: I think lingerie exists primarily for male pleasure. And no, I am not going to do a post about that. This is not a fashion/sleaze blog.

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