All good things come to an end

I am feeling rather stretched out…the result of a really good (and hectic) year I guess. But true to my somewhat OCD nature (aptly observed by him), I want to end it on a perfect note.

So here’s an account of the things that made this year so much fun. Flashback>>>>

A really rocking party courtesy ‘saxy’ Sakshi; my first Halloween party and second bloggers meet.

Meeting N was like saying HEY! to a long-lost friend. And now I publicly admit that I could be wrong about Dilli-ites since I’ve met at least one Delhite I really like. 

I also got to be friends with a lawyer (yes, he’s actually human…fact is stranger than fiction!) Some of our conversations have turned into posts and we dutifuly argue about that the next day.

Some of us threw P a surprise birthday party. My best friend is the very image of the Sphinx, with rare (if any) visible reactions. Well, this was one of those rare moments. We did have to contend with an unexpected power-cut, gristly stories about Hammer-man and playing Dumb Charades in the darkness till the lights came on….but all in all, it was a great party!

I had one fun Sunday learning to make cocktails at the Smirnoff Tastemakers’ session. I didn’t write about this because….well, I just didn’t. Let’s just say it was hajaar fun and I had her for scintillating company.

Christmas partying was a big deal this year, though again, I didn’t write about it. For the first time in recent years I didn’t spend it with J. I was at a Christmas party with him and a whole load of others (incidently, none of them practising Christians!). The party was obviously fun (as evidenced by my gargantuan hangover the next morning). Brad called mid-way and wished us, even though it was still Christmas eve at his end of the world. And yes, I shook J out of her slumber to drunkenly holler

I’m at a Christmas party! But it don’t feel like Christmas without you! So I’m calling to wish you. And guess what….no Christians here but we have a Santa, some cake and plenty of booze.

She laughed and said,

Doesn’t matter. So long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Its Christmas after all!

And then in the following week, the lovely Melody opened her house to bloggers to bring in Christmas together. I really wish could write something interesting about the party but I was being such a boring, sniffy-nosed, stick-in-the-mud that day, all I could do was sit around and gape at all the fun, intelligent people who were there. Here are some better accounts of it: Sakshi (who promises to take me under her tutelage and has lectured me on blog-ettiquete already), Shiju (claiming to have saved my life twice….so be it, E.T.!), Saket (umm…yes, once again I failed to recognise him….this time I plead temporary amnesia on account of a bad head cold), Pensive Lawyer (if you like him, remember you heard about him from me first!!!!!!!! Someone’s gonna kill me…I need a lawyer…damn, its the lawyer himself!) and Melody herself. Other guests were Ajay D’souza (Even A-lister Saks says he’s a BIIIIGGGG celebrity on the blogsphere…wish I’d asked for his autograph) and his lady love whom I didn’t get a chance to speak to on account of my virulent-antisocial mood, the camera-prodigy Akshay (already reported elsewhere to look more his age now minus Talibanesque beard… should be illegal, people looking 21!!) Gaurav (who asked about my new hairdo and I didn’t have the good manners then to compliment him back on his new look), Satya, Sherriff, Shirrin (the elegant missus of Arzan Wadia), Hanisha (ex-blogger….can we convince her to come back?), Whacky Vikram (who I think should get tattooed on the top of the head. He’s been politely non-comittal but I persist!)

Forgive me Mel….I really admire your ability to bounce back to your cheery form! For the record, Mel wasn’t feeling too well herself but played the charming hostess to the tee. And what’s more, she’s been ridden with a bad chill ever since but that doesn’t seem to have deterred her from being the sunshine in everyone’s life! Thanks once again, Melody, for a great party!

I also met her for the first time. We’ve spoken before and chatted a whole lot. The circumstances of our getting acquainted seem a little unusual but that hasn’t posed any difficulties in our getting to be friends. I’m writing about her as a specific reminder for her to start posting again!

This week, again I met Sakshi, Shireen, Urban Bourbon NinjaPensive Lawyer and Hanisha at the Hard Rock Cafe. Considering a place like this would have been ‘the kind of place I wouldn’t even know about, let alone visit twice in one week’….I must be making good progress from last year!

And finally, a few hours away from a new year, I’m savouring the special moments of this year. Plenty done, lots of new people. I’ve always thought that the people in my life make it special for me. And this year has been about a lot of special people.

16 thoughts on “All good things come to an end

  1. Hello….Happy New Year once again. Hope you still ain’t thinking about the hot dude from last night…you know the one in *Red, Black and White* shirt dancing like a flying vulture. 😉

  2. @ N: 😀

    @ Apoorva: Actually you did meet me in 2006 Jan, remember? It was good meeting you and it was a great year!

    @ Saks: 😉 Still getting over it!

  3. @ Peeyush: Most profound, that. Will keep in mind.

    @ St: Couldn’t think what you meant for a minute! 😀 I’ll ask her where I see her next…or praps we should have a January ‘getting over 2006 and used to 2007’ meet?

  4. Well, there was a call that went to the voicemail on New Years!

    Yeah, this year’s gonna be good as we might just rub eyeballs. Probably would be known as the Donnybrook of the Alter-Egos. (mango-mangoes, cargo-cargoes, ego-egos!!!) 😀

  5. Hey babe! Sorry but only just saw this! Glad you enjoyed the party, in fact glad that you even came despite the illness & hey – I didn’t think you were a “boring, sniffy-nosed, stick-in-the-mud”. Well possibly, stiffy-nosed.

    Hope to meet you again soon! Have a terrific 2007!

  6. @ Anonymous: I know what you mean about feeling too naked with some people. And not all women are adept at concealing their emotions. As for your new year experience….sounds like fun! 😉

    @ Brad: I’ll call you. The network was jammed at midnight and my brains were frying all of next day.

    @ Melody: 🙂 . I had fun! Missed you on new year’s though. Did you have a good time?

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