Adventures Of A Masochist

A free quarter-hour. Looking for a photograph. Browsing.

A chance encounter. Oh. Breath stuck in throat. Hand moves mouse in hypnotic state to click.

Almost as in a frenzy, the photographs go racing one after the other. Click-Click-Click. You can peek over the cliff-face of your life to look down into your past but once you fall….gravity has the same rules inside your mind. Who needs horror movies when the dark dungeons of your mind house unmentionable horror?

End of album. Abrupt start. What next? Feels like my sweater caught in a branch jutting off the cliff-face. Deciding and telling myself not, not, NOT to look down again.

I shut the album. And the computer. And my mind down. In some cases you’re saved just before you crash and you can decide to climb back to safety. Goodbye abyss. Until I feel the urge for a killing thrill again.

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