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  1. To begin with, I think,
    “You complete me”
    is the weakest thing a person can say, especially a woman. For it implies that I (whoever is saying it) is NOT a complete human being in themselves. It implies a lack, a certain void in my being, in my SELF.
    And unfortunately, being with a man does not complete that void. It only makes if bigger, emptier.
    Only YOU can make yourself WHOLE. Nobody else in the whole world can/ is capable of completing you. Your hollowness, your sorrow, your pain- comes from within you.
    I know. I’ve tried. Yet I am incomplete. I also thought this was romantic, Till I realized it is just weak. It shows my lack of being as a person, as a woman…
    Ooh I am still incomplete. But I know the inadequacy is mine..ti fill, to fulfill…

  2. Besides, to let somebody else “define” me, would mean even more weakness. By weakness I don’t mean a kind of soppy, simpering, silly woman- but one with less of a sense of self. Of self-worth.
    You have to define yourself yourself babe!!
    The other person may have no sense of grammar or punctuation! Oh Horror

  3. Smithy
    Very creative as always!

    a few years back I’d be jumping up and down to say and hear those lines and I’d still in poetry and ‘ideal’ life but just that I have been shaken up and told that it doesnt happen this way!

  4. Ah, and I jes read your comments!
    Alazyguy – we are on the same page

    Rachna: You complete me does not make for a weak line. It just means finding the right person who complements you perfectly well.

    However, its been so often used that saying it definitely makes for a weak level of creativity. πŸ™‚

  5. I would stay stick with the three word sentences to keep the romance in and the verbosity out!
    wild_horses: come, colonise me?? heh.. wicked.

  6. If ‘I started you’ and ‘you complete me’ then we are in perfect harmony, complementing each other in a ‘circle’!

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