A ‘what-if’ moment

Sometimes you look back at a particular time in your life
Some key desicion pondered over and taken
Some vital thought that changed the course of your life, only you didn’t realise it then
Maybe one face appears in your memories of that time

And you wonder
That undefinable something…
Yet unmistakable…smells like romance, feels like mystery, sounds like sentiment
All you can call it is a ‘what-if’ moment

If we knew that every single thing we had done was right, there’d be no hope left.
And nothing interesting to live for.


  1. even if you thought u did it right… u would never know if it was the best thing to do…

    i dont think there is ever a right or wrong.

  2. Oh yeahhh..sure!
    i infact figured it out myself..the moment i sent you my comment
    and then i thought..damn what a fool I am!i shudnt have done that.
    perfectly ok…
    it was just extremely uncanny and weird…I mean it cud have been anyone from this world and it has to be out of those 30 who….. u know what !

    didnt know how to delete my comment from ur blog.

    and whichever ways… I am love ur blogsphere…I am gonna keep reading. Someday I hope I will be able to write like u do!

  3. heyy heyy heyy…
    u still are anonymous…!!1
    I still dont know who you are :))
    and If you want ..i can let it remain that way ..:))

    no hassles at all..

    i am just saying..now each time I go down to the canteen for lunch..i will wonder if i have seen ya at all..maybe i have too…

    in fact…the weird thing is..(i dont know why am telling ya this !)

    there is this one woman i keep seeing in the canteen…and somehow I always feel that soemwhere i will meet her…
    I dont kwno her now..

    and when i read ur blogs…and figured out where u work…
    instantly its that face(her face) that came to my mind.

    no clue ..how – why
    but it did..

    and u still are anon…
    so u decide if ya wanta remain that way..i am ok with that …

    tho..given a choice i wud love to know ya !

  4. 1) Now I understand what you wrote on your other blog.

    2) Our mistakes define who we are, give us character, make us human. I’m very fond of my mistakes and wish that I had made more of them, earlier in life. One of my overwhelming regrets in life is that I haven’t made enough mistakes.

  5. apoo: Doesn’t stop us from wondering and hoping its right anyway, does it?

    living in unreality: Anonymous no more…and no more wondering for you 🙂

    gauravonomics: Do you really mean that? I know my mistakes taught me the most…but sometimes I think I could have lived without learning some of those things.

    Manuscrypts:Yup, but this is a wysiwyg perspective not a metaphysical one.

    Menagerie: Haven’t seen it myself..but perhaps will if it provoked that thought in you.

    Chakshu: Its been a really long time…where did you vanish to?

  6. I read a quote the other day that answers your question here (did you really mean it?) as well as the question you seem to be asking yourself (should I tell them who I am?):

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss

  7. You talk about the “what if” moments, as if the choice was really ever in our hands. Most “what if” moments were not in our control and when we think about them, we like to believe that at the time we could have done things differently. However, the decision had already been made. By the circumstance, limted by our then knowledge and wisdom…

    Looking back at the what-if moments, we like creating an illusion of choice. That what-if moment never really exisited..

  8. Gaurav: That sounds ideal but isn’t that simple, is it? At least I don’t think so.

    Maya: That seems rather fatalistic or are you going by the ‘we have already decided what we want out of life, what lessons we are to learn and how we will learn them’ ideology? I believe that myself…even so, as the crucial decision point we weigh two or more (equal or unequal) options. Life is full of desicions, some that we have lesser control over than the others.

  9. Not fatalistic at all. All I meant was that decisions get made as much by the circumstances, state of our mind as by our knowledge, our ability to judge implications.

    Hence, what bothers me is when people look back at the “what-if: moments with regret- What if I hadn’t ever returned his call? What if I had really opted for the course abroad? What if I had told him what I truly felt?
    The choice was there. But the decision didnt just always depend on you, on your analytical powers, on your ability to understand the situation better. It also depended on the circumstances, your state of mind at that moment. And hence in that particual moment, you did what you had to do. No amount of greater thinking could have led to different results.

  10. Why do I get a feeling that ‘Living in Unreality’ is a very bubbly woman! Someone who giggles too much, the easily excited types! (Oh great, I have slotted her now! Shame on me) The ones that turn me off!

    Now imagine serious me and bubbly her having a conversation!!! :-O

    I am amused for some reason. And I hope LiR doesn’t visit this particular comment box!

    I have no idea why I am posting this comment! Oh heck, if you don’t tell her I won’t either!

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