I kept a diary for 4 years till I transitioned into blogging all my thoughts.
I have still kept those diaries though and once in a while I look through to see what life was like then.
Some exerpts from my last diary that I called ‘A walk back into reality’:

5 September 2004

1. I think my boss hates me.
2. Dad is back and in a foul mood.
3. Spoke to J, today and yesterday

No. 3 is the least important or urgent but it is the only positive one, though P won’t agree! He…oh well…is yet another confused, scared of emotions, mooning-over-the-ex guy…so typical of the sort of man I always fall for. Of course he jolly well MAY hurt me and of course I WILL put up with it…but really what can I do?????

Hmph….so much for ‘a walk back into reality’.

I was right in more ways than one.

8 September 2004

Got a call from Delhi. Mama needs surgery for an ‘aggressive ulcer’ in his stomach.

Yesterday X said, “People never know what you’ll change into.
If you were to tell me that you were in love with two guys, I’d argue and say you could date 2 guys but only be in love with one.
But deep down, I’d wonder if you weren’t capable of that too.”

Am I that good an actress? Am I that transparent?

Mama died on 20 August 2005. The ‘aggressive ulcer’ turned out to be malignant cancer that escaped his stomach and eventually killed him. If he hadn’t had the surgery we would never have known and without the chemotherapy, he would have spent his last days doing yoga each morning, teaching his daughter history, travelling to work and back with samosas in the evening, watching TV, eating his fill and sleeping soundly. Just like every other day of his life. The treatment extended his life by eight months, spent in and out of hospitals, insurance offices, support groups and finally the crematorium.‘X’ is the ex-boyfriend, ex-love-of-my-life, ex-best friend. If being let down was bad, these words were the final cut. I’ve never been unfaithful or disloyal. Someone who doesn’t realise that after 10 years, doesn’t deserve any part of my life or me.

It was a walk back into reality after all.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Back Into Reality”
  1. ideasmith :- that was a nice walk, very touching, but sometimes aren’t we glad that past is past? We can look at it and actually choose whether or not to be affected by it.

    BTW if you ask me, X is good riddance!

  2. teachers come into our lives..stay on , if needed..move on else…just my take….have a great and illuminating diwali…ur integity may appear temporarally painful, but trust a fellow being…it is the only thing which will hold u in good stead….

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