A Soft Spot For Silver 4: Flowers & Fish

Given my penchant for colourful clothes, bags & shoes, I risk going overboard if I take that to my jewellery too. That’s probably why I like plain silver jewellery most of the time. Silver is as basic a colour as it can get, since it’s almost white. I like my jewellery tiny & delicate since anything chunkier looks too heavy on my lean features. Almost always, that single flash of jewellery is literally & figuratively the silver lining in my streetwear style. Here are some of the pieces that I reach for, often.

From top to bottom:

  • Silver & moonstone flower ear studs
  • Thin silver twisted chain
  • Sterling silver fish earrings: Estelle
  • Silver flower pendant: The Bombay Store
  • Square silver ring: Shop in Khoka market, Vileparle West

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