A Soft Spot For Silver 3: Amethyst Amour

Silver is truly beautiful on its own. But it is also such a wonderful setting for stones of every colour. I think the modesty of silver showcases precious stones much better than the more flashy yellow of gold. One of the loveliest colour combinations is that of purple and silver. The peacefulness of blue & verve of red combine to produce that regal dignity that is purple. Silver’s sweet serenity is the best possible companion for this beautiful colour.

Amethyst is a glassy semi-precious stone that is available in an entire range from lavender to violet to dark purple. Here’s something from my collection that I dip into frequently, when I need a little balance in my life.

I Wear:

  • Silver ear danglers on hooks with oval moonstone with amethyst chips – FabIndia
  • Amethyst studded pendant – The Bombay Store

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