A Soft Spot For Silver 1: Lock & Key

Silver is my favorite metal. It’s one of my favorite colours. It is also my birth metal, given that I’m a July-born Cancerian. A touch of silver always brightens up my look and my mood. I’m never seen without at least a single silver ornament.

From right to left:

  • Imitation silver key ear danglers on clasp-holders
  • Sterling silver chain bracelet with heart charm by Estelle
  • Imitation silver lock ear studs
  • Single imitation silver key ear dangler

I mix and match these by pairing a dangler with a stud. Or a earring as a scarf ornament. Or as a charm on the chain bracelet. Locks & keys go together after all. All of these have been picked up over the years, off roadside stalls, except for the chain bracelet, which is available at the Estelle counter at Landmark.


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