I switched on the idiot box and my fingers froze on the remote to this song.

I never was a major Jagjit Singh fan but some words stop you in your tracks. And I liked the video of this one. I don’t know why the cast of this song didn’t do that well in their careers…I haven’t seen them around since. Does anyone know the name of the guy featured in that song? I think he has the most convincing expression I’ve ever seen for the sentiment of this song.

It made me remember something I haven’t seen in a long time. All of these relationships and flings later, I’d forgotten what it was to yearn for and to be looked at longingly, lovingly. They all were fun, interesting, enriching even. And yet….

Love, that’s what has been missing. Odd to realize that after so many I-love-yous, isn’t it?

Tera chehra hai aaine jaise
Dost mil jaayenge phir bhi
Na milega koi mere jaisa

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