A quick update

Life in the ratrace…*sighhhh*. I have had a chance to wonder just what I’m doing back in this crazy place.

Focus, focus I tell myself….its like a computer game….just have to dodge the obstacles, negotiate the best route and get past to the next level. But what lies there? More obstacles, bigger monsters, shinier rewards. It never changes.

Maybe its just too little sleep and acidity built up from working through lunch hour and skipping my meal, maybe its the bad food, maybe its the rain, maybe its the rain.

After three days of dry roads, it was drizzling today. My colleague put her face out of the window and said, “Doesn’t the rain make the air smell fresher?” I said, “Yes and also the roads muddier and my trousers dirtier and mood darker.”

Maybe its all just unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve been sustaining on chocolate and adrenalin highs. Also on fluctuating air-conditining and hysterical jokes in the midst of frantic dashes at work.

I need to do something unless I want to burnout or run down again.


  1. Have a heavy breakfast.

    Dont skip ya breakfast. Thats my key to surviving in the corporate world. Its just puts everything else in order. Wont explain how, but its as important as putting sun screen, or flossing. A necessity we never do!

    So…. have breakfast!

    PS: And if that doesnt work… keep a bottle of Bacardi Limon under ya desk!

  2. Thank you Anita, I’ll do some version of it anyway.

    Rumpelstiltskin™ – For me, the rains always have a dampening effect on spirits…seems like saare kiye par pani pher gaya!

    AJ – Will keep that in mind. A good breakfast is something I believe in too…however a good lunch is just as necessary but not as possible always. As for the Bacardi, I’ll need to stay employed to write ‘Office Capers’!–>

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