Alice and the cards

Black: Spades, Clubs
Red: Hearts, Diamonds

A King
A Queen
A Jack
An Ace
9 numbers

Each suit, a kingdom unto itself. The land of Diamonds, the army of Clubs, the team of Spades, the people of Hearts. The wealthy, the warriors, the workers and the whimsical.

See how the King and the Queen they revel in their painted glory. The picture cards, each with a scepter and fine robes. Here is the Jack, the Knave: helper, servant, crook.

The numbers line up in a row, the even ones with perfect symmetry while the odd ones carry one extra pattern over their lower number. And they stand back to front, one behind the other, the obedient, the masses, the fillers.

The Ace, neither a picture card nor a number. Is it the lowest? It is the highest? The winner, the dual personality, the beginning and the end, rising above even the monarchs with but one pattern to call its own.

Joker. The odd one out, the perfect fit anywhere. No value and above all values.

And all of them in one pack, see the games they play, the castles they constitute. And all it takes is one gust of wind to make them all fall….

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